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Pearl Strategic Consulting is a strategy consulting practice with expertise in digital media buying strategy for political advertising and public affairs advocacy. We operate a global niche of media buying operations with distinct objectives that enable our clients to reach their strategy execution. Whether our clients’ strategy execution goals are targeting retargeting and mobilizing critical masses of people across the geopolitical landscape, we have the resources, technology and ability to deploy with scalability.

At Pearl Strategic Consulting, we recognize that a rapidly changing media landscape compels politicians, political campaign managers and political action committees to utilize non-traditional media channels to communicate, engage with different constituencies and reach diverse groups of potential voters that otherwise they would not reach. Hence, our approach is highly consultative. We begin by first assessing our clients’ media buying needsto determine and devise the best media buying plan with right the marketing and advertising strategies that support their needs.We are agnostic to your political affiliation and we only focus on helping you win!

We believe that core competencies in strategy development and deployment, joined with innovation in digital marketing and advertising are most relevant to optimize media buying for political advocacy.

“We also believe that political campaign strategies and execution are two sides of the same plan. Our Senior Managing Partner is standing by to support your media buying plans.”

Meet our Senior Managing Partner and Chief Strategist, Lynda chervil……

A Fusion of Experience, Creativity and Good Old Fashioned Common Sense.

Lynda Chervil is the Chief Strategist of Pearl Strategic Consulting; a strategy consulting practice with expertise in media buying for political marketing and advertising. She graduated from New York University with a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and is currently a Fellow at both the Institute of Consulting in the UK and the Chartered Management Institute in the UK – Membership P0449911. She is also a recipient of the Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Award in Professional Consulting – Certificate Number P0442911

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